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What is HealthChat?

HealthChat is an online platform for groups of health care professionals to connect and collaborate. Whether you are a member of a network, community of practice, or administering a program, you can create a secure group space to share and develop your work. Clinicians, administrators, and health leaders can easily create a profile and request to join your group using the Group Directory. Access your work where you want, when you want.

Tools and Features:

You can create a secure group space for your team and customize many aspects of your space. Every group has standard tools for team communication and collaboration, as well as the option to create custom tools and applications.

  • Announcements: Send group wide notifications
  • Forum: Post your group communications in a digital ‘bulletin board’
  • Resource Library: Share files, videos, website links in customized document manager folders
  • Calendar: Coordinate events for your group
  • Inbox: Send and receive private messages
  • User Management: Decide who gets access to your group with simple and quick processes
  • Custom Tools: Easily integrate custom tools and applications developed for your needs

HealthChat allows health care professionals to work together seamlessly regardless of location or agency by using one secure login to access all of their group information.

Get Started:

HealthChat is simple and intuitive, but it does take some planning on your part to ensure your team is engaged. Here are some things to think about when planning your group:

  • What are our project/organizational/outcome goals?
  • What topics do we need to discuss in the forum?
  • What documents will we share/collaborate on, and how should those be organized?
  • What events need to be coordinated/promoted?
  • Who will be in this group and what is their role?

Contact Us to get started. We’ll teach you how to set up your group and leverage HealthChat to manage your team’s data, communications, and workflow. If your team needs more than the standard features provided, contact us for a consultation to discuss the development of custom tools and applications.

The HealthChat Team.

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