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This directory lists the groups that have created collaboration spaces on HealthChat. Some groups are private and may not be listed here.

2014/15 and 2015/16 Assess and Restore: Screening Tool Adoption

Acquired Brain Injury Network of Southwestern Ontario

Mission - To assist in the development of a cohesive continuum of care with seamless transitions for individuals with acquired brain injury and their caregivers.
Acquired Brain Injury System Navigators Network Ontario

Acquired Brain Injury System Navigator's group used to share meeting minutes, agendas, updates and resources.
Adolescent Care Pathway Working Group

The Adolescent Care Pathway Working group is a sub-committee of the Mental Health and Addictions Capacity Planning Committee. It will review and refine MH&A care pathways for adolescents for each sub region within the LHIN. It works to develop an adolescent care protocol, share utilization data and identify opportunities to optimize existing resources.
Adults Living with Chronic Mechanical Ventilation

Age Friendly London Network

Welcome to the Age Friendly London Network Working Group Administrative Portal. The purpose of this site is to facilitate efficient communications both within Working Groups and across the Network. By consolidating all resources and correspondence in one place it is hoped that efficiency and collaboration amongst the members will be achieved. The Mission of the Age Friendly London Network is "A diverse, vibrant, caring and healthy community which empowers all individuals to age well and have opportunities to achieve their full potential." In order the achieve this mission, a Three Year Action Plan has been adopted that lays out specific steps each of the eight working groups will address in London's journey to become more age friendly.
Bridges Out of Poverty / Circles

Bridges Out of Poverty | Circles® is a community initiative coordinated by Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes that is comprised of caring and compassionate individuals who meet to share information, support, resources, meals, and friendship.
Cambridge & North Dumfries Sub-Region Planning Committee

Welcome to the Health Chat for Cambridge and North Dumfries Sub-Region Planning Committee. Resources, minutes, and agendas will be posted on this site for your reference.
Cambridge and North Dumfries Connectivity

Connectivity brings health and social service agencies to a weekly meeting, to collaboratively and proactively address situations of elevated risk and support individuals to access the services they need.
Caregiver Exchange Advisory Committee

CCAC- LHSC Emergency Medicine

Collaboration between the Division of Emergency Medicine and CCAC
Central East Behavioural Supports Ontario

Professional Healthcare Providers (all sectors)
CK Health Links-Navigators Network

CK Care Navigators Collaboration Forum where all resources, tools, etc. will be stored and can be updated.
Cluster One Information Sharing

Communauté de Pratique pour Professionnels Bilingues

Community Connector Classroom

A place for Community Connector Curriculum participants to reflect, share and discuss
Community Health Collaborative

Community Support Services Grey Bruce

Community Support Services Network (CSSN)

To support the Community Support Services Network (CSSN) operations in Huron and Perth counties.
Connecting Care Collaborative

Connecting Care Collaborative-Steering Committee

Critical Care Educators

Workspace for developing an integrated approach to education for critical care throughout the NSM LHIN
Cross-Health Links Evaluation Group

CSS-CCAC Collaboration

Collaborative for CSS organizations and the WWCCAC “to identify assets (strengths) and opportunities to address weaknesses through cross collaboration in operations and business processes”
cSWO Analysis & Research Community of Practice

Connecting South West Ontario has a robust analysis and research program which investigates how the regional clinical viewer, ClinicalConnect, impacts patient care and the delivery of healthcare in the South West Ontario region. The Analysis and Research Community of Practice shares insights and methods and coordinates region-wide research and analysis activities.

Cybersecurity professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure.
eHomecare Members Group

Elgin Children's Network (ECN)

Elgin Children’s Network is a local collaborative of agencies and individuals representing the education, health and social services sector. By bringing people together, ECN works to build communities where every child has the opportunity to be engaged, empowered, and to thrive.
Elgin Health Link

Our aim is to support patients with high care needs, their families and caregivers, to be able to live well in their community and reduce avoidable healthcare utilization.
Elgin Health Link Business Planning

A group to facilitate the business planning process for the Elgin Health Link, including posting meeting notes, updates and documents.
Elgin Health Services Council

Area provider table for Elgin County
ESC/SW French Language Liaison Committee

First 2000 Days Strategy

This is a collaborative space in the Waterloo Wellington Region for parents and providers as partners that will support parents and their children in the first 2000 Days of life (i.e. 0 - 6 Months).
Grey Bruce Eating Disorders

A group of individuals from various organizations with an interest in providing services to individuals within Grey Bruce who are suffering from eating disorders, but for whom there are no specific local services available.
Grey Bruce Geriatric Education Co-operative

Grey Bruce Health Link

Includes South Grey Bruce and North Grey Bruce Health Link
Grey Bruce Integrated Health Coalition

Grey Bruce Integrated Health Coalition
Grey Bruce Long Term Care Committee

Grey Bruce Nursing Practice Network

Health Care Options (HCO)

Administrative group for Health Care Options project.
Health Equity Grey Bruce

A group of individuals from across Grey Bruce - from various services/agencies/interest groups - Health Care, Social Services and Community who are interested in working together to increase awareness and improve Health Equity for the residents of our Communities.
healthchat.ca Group Administrators

A group dedicated to supporting group administrators in their use of HealthChat.ca. Any person administering a group on HealthChat.ca is encouraged to join this group.
Huron County Healthy Kids Community Challenge

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge of Huron County
Huron Perth Area Providers Council

Huron Perth CSS Care Coordination

This group of Community Support Service providers is designing and testing one number access, shared client records and care planning for complex clients in Community Support Services across Huron and Perth.
Huron Perth FOG

Huron Perth Health Link

Huron Perth Health Link - FLO Team Evolution of Thinking Program

To those front line individuals participating in the Evolution of Thinking program to support the Health Link Coordinated Care Planning process. The vision for the FLO teams is to create network of empowered individuals from all of our organizations who are equipped to initiate seamless wrap-around care for individuals in Huron Perth.
Huron Perth Health Link - Sustainability Coaching Program (for Leaders)

A coaching program for leaders and teams to implement the Health Links business plan and ensure sustainable improvements in health service delivery across the Huron Perth region.
Huron Perth Health Link After Hours & Weekend Services Working Group

Huron Perth Health Link Coordinated Care Plans & Pathways

Huron Perth Health Link Patient Education Working Group

Huron Perth Health Link Peer Support Working Group

Huron Perth Health Link Primary Care Visits Post Hospital Discharge Working Group

Huron Perth Healthcare Human Resources Committee

This is a subcommittee of the Huron Perth Area Providers Table. Chair is Laura Overholt for 2014
Huron Perth Mental Health and Addictions Network

Huron Perth Residential Hospice

Huron-Perth Children's Mental Health Network

Integrated Regional Falls Program

Kids First Huron Perth

Kids First Huron Perth is a consortium of more than 60 local agencies and professionals committed to providing an integrated system of prenatal, healthy child development, early identification and intervention, and early learning and care services for children under the age of six and their families.
LHSC Strategy & Project Leadership


London Middlesex Health Providers Alliance

London Partnering in Health Care Transformation

London-Middlesex CSS Network

Operations Committee of the CSSN in London Middlesex
London-Middlesex FLAG

LTC Pain and Palliative Community of Practice (CoP)

Our community of practice is to provide a forum for communication, best practice and networking with representatives from LTC facilities in London/Middlesex with regards to pain management and palliative care.
Mental Health and Addictions Capacity Planning Committee

The Mental Health and Addictions Capacity Planning Committee works toward the development of an efficient, effective and transparent system to optimize utilization of available Inpatient Mental Health resources and to ensure that patients receive timely access to care that best meets their needs. The Committee will review the number and types of MH beds in the South West LHIN and their utilization. Based on this review the Committee will make recommendations to optimize the use of existing bedded capacity including the realignment of MH&A resources should the data and review support this action.
Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Centre Project

Mental Health and Addictions Nurses Group

MH Feasibility Study

This group is a shared repository for documents related to the study of integrating mental health care between LHSC and St. Joseph's Health Care London.
MH&A Services Integration with Primary Care

Welcome to the Health Chat for MH&A Services Integration with Primary Care working group. Resources, minutes, and agendas will be posted on this site for your reference.
MH&A Tier Project Team

The Mental Health & Addictions Tier Project Team consists of a core group of individuals that will research and develop key materials for the MH&A Tier Working Group and the MH&A Tier Reference Group.
MH&A Tier Task Group

Mental Health & Addictions Tier Model Reference Group provides the much-needed review of materials prepared by the MH&A Tier Working Group in producing the project deliverables.
MH&A Tier Working Group

Working Group associated with the Mental Health & Addictions Tier Model Project.
Middlesex London Fall Prevention Collaborative

Work collaboratively to plan, implement and evaluate falls prevention activities along the care continuum in Middlesex-London that are in alignment with the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Falls Collaborative strategy - members include Health Units, CCAC, hospitals, VON, LTC homes etc.
MSK Project

MSK Project/Resources.
Neurosurgical Nurse Educators

We are a group of 11 Neurosurgical Critical Care nurse educators from across the province of Ontario. Each educator is aligned with one of the 11 adult neurosurgical centers across Ontario. Together we form the Neurosurgical Nurse Educator Network, and are a piece of the Provincial Neurosurgical Ontario strategy. We work together to design and deliver education that aligns with best practice to nurses across the province. We are responsible to educate nurses in all LHINs across the province. Our content is focused on neurosurgical and potential neurosurgical patients.
North West Community Advisory Team

NSM BSS Mobile Support Team

The community and LTC mobile team members
NSM Diabetes Community of Practice

This North Simcoe Muskoka (NSM) Diabetes Community of Practice (CoP) group membership consists of health care professionals working in the field of diabetes and other chronic disease.
NSM LHIN – Resident Days WG

NSM LHIN Funding & Performance Workgroup

NSM Nurse-Led Outreach Teams

NSM Primary Care Council Network

NSM Quality & Resident Safety Subgroup

NSM Quality Improvement Network

NSM Regional Quality Advisory Council

The NSM Regional Quality Advisory Council is an action-oriented, clinically-focused body, focused on regional quality challenges and initiatives, aligned with provincial quality priorities and structures.
NSM-LHIN Recruitment & Retention

Ontario Regional Trauma Networks

Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) has created this group to facilitate online collaboration within and between Ontario's 8 Regional Trauma Networks (RTNs). Use this space to share ideas, tools, templates, events, and other information relevant to trauma care and inclusive trauma systems.
Oxford Community Support Services Health Link Communication Group

Oxford County Area Provider Table

Oxford Situation Table

Patient, Family and Caregiver Partners

Resources for the Patient, Family and Caregiver Partners at the South West LHIN
Primary Care Capacity Assessment - LHINs

This group consists of LHIN and Health Force Ontario representatives who discuss ideas and approaches to primary care capacity assessment in their region. Reports, primary studies, and other key resources will be shared in the Resource Library.
Primary Care Collaboration Working Group

Welcome to the Health Chat for Primary Care Collaboration Working Group. Resources, minutes, and agendas will be posted on this site for your reference.
Provincial Behavioural Supports Ontario Group

Group for Behavioural Supports Ontario program leads across Ontario.
Regional Operations Committee - Patient Movement and Flow

Regionalization of Stroke Care - Phase 1 Implementation

Regionalization of Stroke Care - Phase 2 Post Hospital Recommendations

Regroupement des agents des Entités

Rural Wellington Health Advisory Communications

Public access forum designed to provide users with general information and communications related to the Rural Wellington Health Advisory and the collaborative projects underway.
Rural WHA Steering Committee

Safe Pathways: Supporting Dementia in the Justice System

Safe Pathways: supporting dementia in the justice system is a collaborative community approach, to support and guide individuals with dementia and their care partners away from and/or through the Wellington County Judicial System while maintaining dignity and respect.
Self-Management Provincial Mini-site Project

Self-Management Regional Mini-Site Project

Seniors Health

A collaborative site to share documents and information related to seniors in our community.
South West Behavioural Supports Ontario

Working with partners to reinvent the system of care for seniors across Ontario, and their families and caregivers who live and cope with responsive behaviours associated with dementia, mental illness, addictions and other neurological conditions.
South West Behavioural Supports Ontario Long-Term Care Home L-SAA Measures

To be used by LTC homes to submit the two new BSO L-SAA indicators.
South West Hospice Palliative Care

An alliance of community agencies, hospitals, long-term care homes, and other stakeholders who are all committed to continuously improving hospice palliative care services
South West LHIN Assess and Restore Task Group

The purpose of the SW Assess & Restore Task Group of the Rehabilitative Care Committee is to support/guide the continued implementation of the Assess & Restore Framework across the South West LHIN engaging the SW CCAC, hospitals and community services.
South West LHIN Board of Directors

South West LHIN Communicators Group

A collaborative space for communicators in the South West LHIN to maintain an ongoing connection, share best practices and common tools.
South West LHIN Diabetes Education Community of Practice

South West LHIN EMR CHC/AHAC Community of Practice

The overall aim of this group is to achieve overall consistent quality of care based on established best practices.
South West LHIN EMS Referral Program

South West LHIN Exercise and Falls Prevention

South West LHIN Exercise and Falls Prevention - Instructor Subgroup

A group for the volunteers of the South West LHIN Exercise and Falls Prevention Program
South West LHIN Home and Community Care

This group will be used for sharing and creating resources for the purposes of implementing the Home and Community Care Policy Changes within the South West LHIN.
South West LHIN MSK Community Of Practice

South West LHIN Quality Improvement Community of Practice

South West LHIN Regionalization of Stroke Care Project

South West Regional Falls Prevention Network

The South West Regional Falls Prevention Network is an established group of professionals who are working to reduce falls among older adults through awareness and eduaction, policy development, skill building and increased community mobilization using evidence based practices. Members include representatives from South West and Erie St. Clair Health Units, Osteoporosis Canada, Ontario Falls CoP, and the LHSC.
South West Regional Wound Care Program

Southwest Health Ethics Network

Speaking Out Conference and Retreats

This group is created for members of the planning committee of Speaking Out Conferences and Retreats for Self Advocates.
Stroke Distinction

A repository of resources and materials for those participating in Stroke Distinction Accreditation in the SWO Stroke Network Region
Surgical Waitlist Management Steering Committee

SW Frail Senior Strategy Steering Committee

Steering committee which will provide regional oversight of the development of an integrative frail senior strategy in the South West LHIN
SW Heroes In The Home

Heroes in the Home Caregiver Recognition Awards are a chance to say ‘thank you’ in a very special way to those caregivers who provide care in the home. Honourees are family members, friends, and community volunteers who step up to provide loving care day in and day out, and health professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty and who are all an essential part of our health care system.
SW LHIN Fall Prevention Collaborative

SW LHIN Long Term Care Homes Network

We are the representative body on issues of common interest to long term care homes in the South West LHIN. We serve as an information link, a consultative resource, and an advocate for improvements to services to seniors and long term care in the South West LHIN.
SW LHIN Vision Care Project

SW RTN - IP Group

A working group of the South West Regional Trauma Network focusing on Injury prevention. The purpose of this group is strengthen the existing network of IP partners and utilize these partnerships to share strategies, support initiatives and build capacity in SW RTN communities - with the ultimate goal of reducing preventable trauma-related injuries and deaths. The objectives of the SW RTN IP Working Group are to: • Strengthen the existing network of IP programs and partnerships, connecting individuals and organizations, by improving linkages between community stakeholders and acute care hospitals. • Facilitate and assist in the development of IP initiatives aimed at community needs to reduce the number of preventable injuries. • Strengthen IP knowledge through promoting, and providing, IP education and outreach opportunities through the SW RTN (eg. IMPACT community events) • Support capacity building across the SW RTN to advance injury prevention practices
SWAHN Simulation Working Group

The SWAHN Simulation Working Group identifies synergies among Southwestern Ontario's simulation training programs leading to overall improvements in research, program quality, effectiveness and impact.
SWCSS Agencies

Telehomecare - Ambassadors

This group is for identified Telehomecare 'Champions' within the South West.
thehealthline.ca Provincial Administrators

This group is for managers and site administrators of thehealthline.ca regional sites. This is a place to post resources, have discussions, and share ideas with other site administrators.
Tillsonburg Resource Network

A network of community members, organizations and government representatives working together to create a stronger and healthier community.
Toward Common Ground Community of Practice

The purpose of the Community of Practice is to: 1) Learn from and with each other (capacity building opportunities will be part of our meetings) 2)Strengthen shared knowledge of who working on what issues locally & key actions that are being taken. 3) Look for and seize opportunities to work together for a common purpose The group requested an online place to: 1) Share Resources related to their collaborative work (this includes policy and process documents (such as templates for Terms of Reference etc.), links online to resources (such a good resources); local reports and research. 2) Ask questions re: who is doing what, struggles/challenges in their work, helpful resources/ideas 3) Share information about events, community consultations etc.
Transportation - SW LHIN Hospitals

TVS Management Team

Consists of TVS Management Team, Activities, Nutrition, Nursing and G.M.
Wellness for Seniors

WW Coordinated Access - Rehabilitative Care

WW Emergency Department Council

WW I&R and wwhealthline.ca Collaborative Group

WW Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Regional Program

The goal of the Waterloo Wellington Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Regional Program is to support (through a commitment to change management) and coordinate the development and implementation of a Hospice Palliative Care System in WWLHIN. The Regional Program will provide oversight and leadership to the Hospice Palliative Care System and will act as a central coordinating body to ensure that the activities within the Hospice Palliative Care System are coordinated and are contributing to the system’s goals. This Regional Program will act as a communication conduit for the ongoing development and implementation of a comprehensive, integrated and equitably accessible system of HPC services in Waterloo Wellington.
WW Long Term Care Homes Network

WW PRC Online Library

Online PRC Resources for Waterloo Wellington Hospital and LTCH staff who work with individuals with responsive behaviours.
WW Regional Diagnostic Imaging Integrated Council

The goal of the WW DI Integrated Council is to provide a fully integrated medical imaging network across the WWLHIN and to improve equitable access to best practice care across the entire region. The Council is tasked with improving the quality of service, access/capacity and ensuring that appropriate resources are available to support service delivery.
WW Specialized Geriatric Services

Welcome to the Waterloo Wellington Specialized Geriatric Service HealthChat – a site for service partners who are supporting the care of seniors with complex mental health and/or medical conditions in Waterloo Wellington. This site promotes collaborative sharing of resources, educational opportunities and discussion forums. By consolidating resources and communication in one place, knowledge transfer, skill building, efficiency and collaboration amongst the members will be enhanced.
WW System Coordinated Access Review

WW Wound Care Community of Practice

WW Wound Care Community Research

WW Wound Care Integrated Council

WW Wound Care System-Wide Inventory

WW-Patient & Family Advisory Committee

The Waterloo Wellington Patient and Family Advisory Committee provides the Patient and Family Experience and advises the LHIN on the health system.
wwhealthline.ca Communication and Partnership Group

Join to stay in touch with what's new on wwhealthline.ca and connect with other service providers and organizations in Waterloo-Wellington